The Detroit Playoff Dynasty
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There are few things assured in life, but we can all expect the following three things:

The Red Wings making the playoffs.

The city of Detroit has had some tough economic times. The crash of the economy in 2009 crippled the auto manufacturing industry, destroying thousands of jobs. The Detroit Red Wings' playoff streak on the other hand was neither destroyed, or crippled. On the contrary, it endured.

With 25 straight playoff appearances, the Red Wings now hold the longest active playoff streak. 2016 saw it nearly come to an end but, as it has for years now, it endured. Their ELO has also been one of the most impressive runs in recent histor, which you can see for yourself here.

This is my attempt at visualizing greatness and showing you what I like to call the Detroit Playoff Dynasty.

The Playoffs

Success, success and more success. That's what the past 25 years have been for the Red Wings, especially early in the streak. Below is a graph of what the Red Wings have done with those 25 years of playoff opportunities.


It's incredible isn't it? They won 67% of the finals they played in, got out of the first round 63.5% of the time and won 4 cups. For context, no other team has more Stanley Cup wins or Stanley Cup Final appearances in that time frame. Not only did they dominate in the playoffs, but they also treated us to some of the most spectacular combination of goaltending and scoring our generation has ever seen.


The Red Wings in these past 25 years have gifted us some of the most talented players to ever play the game. Lidstrom, Yzerman, Hasek, Osgood, Zetterberg and Datsyuk. So, it will come as no surprise that they've also been consistently the best in both the Goals For category and the Goals Against category. The graph below shows exactly that. As a friendly reminder, on the Goals For graph, it's better to be above the average while for the Goals Against category, it's better to be below the average.


Season Points

Presidential dominance. In 25 years they've won the presidents trophy 7 times, their conference 10 times, and their division 14 times. Nobody has done what the Red Wings have done in 25 years. We talk a lot about their playoff appearances but for years it was sheer dominance. The below graph shows their points and the points they achieved, the cutoff to make the playoffs and the amount of points that won the presidents trophy that year.


How many more?

Many seem to be saying, "It's just a phase." The Red Wings seem to be in that high school phase where you act really rebellious but you do just enough to get by and not piss off your parents. The Red Wings are young and have a lot of talent so this streak could potentially continue for years to come.

The real question is whether they have sustainable talent that can get this done. They've teetered far too close to missing the playoffs for 3 years straight now and with the potential loss of Datsyuk looming, it's not looking so hot. Perhaps it actually is just a phase and perhaps I'll get to say, "wow" at the Red Wings for another 25 years.


Written by: @Daveedgamboa

Data obtained via hockeyreference.