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This site arose out of many people telling me, "I'm interested in hockey stats but it's so hard to understand." I get them. It takes a lot of time and effort to understand the advanced stats, even the basic stats for some. Therefore this site will prefer to focus on analytical, investigative, interesting, and thought provoking pieces. It will explore the things the fans want to know and answer questions many don't want to tackle or haven't been explained in a way every fan can understand.

So this site aims to be the place any hockey fan can go to and understand the articles. No fan should be alienated because they can't grasp the content, it should instead be taught and understood.

If comparison sites would have to be made I'd say I want this to be a Vox/New York Times meets FiveThirtyEight but for hockey.

Technology Used

Data Visualization:
  • D3.JS
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets

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Heyo! Name is David Gamboa. I'm a 22 year old kid that is just a serious hockey/data nerd. I'm a marketing major but love writing so I made this thing which was a culmination of many loves. I live in NYC but am originally from LA. Feel free to reach out on any social platform or email below!
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