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I would've gone farther back, but the NHL doesn't provide game logs before that.
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The Global Hockey League

The journey of global talent acquisition and expansion. Examining 40 years of NHL entry draft data.

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The Detroit Playoff Dynasty

Visualizing the 25 year playoff streak of the Detroit Red Wings.

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Complete History of the NHL

What do 110,000 rows of data, 50,000 games and 94 years of NHL data look like in a graph? Like this.

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Goalie Debuts

Do goalies actually perform like all-stars against your team or do they perform very much as expected?

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Hockey

Everything you need to get into, and understand, hockey.
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Is Jagr as Good as the Greats?

How do Jagr’s numbers and progression compare to Gretzky, Hull, Dionne and Gordie Howe?

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